Kodak Capture Pro

Kodak Capture Pro Software brings you powerful, flexible batch scanning for all major brands of document scanners and priced with no click charges. With numerous automated functions, flexible scale-up, and an array of highly versatile output choices, Kodak Capture Pro Software delivers great value.

Additional functionality in Kodak Capture Pro Software 2.5 includes:

  • Kodak Capture Pro from Casey AssociatesScan, index, extract data, store, organize, preserve, access, comply, process and distribute documents and metadata digitally for greater efficiency
  • Validate or populate index fields with data from Open Database Connectivity-compliant (ODBC) sources with Database Lookup
  • Compatibility with all major scanner manufacturers including Fujitsu & Canon, in addition to all Kodak models
  • Integration with Microsoft SharePoint and all major document management applications, including FileBound, Digitech PaperVision, FileNet, EMC Documentum, etc.
  • A more powerful indexing API that improves data integrity and reduces errors
  • Even more output productivity through advanced OCR optimization, multiple language support in OCR output, advanced image stamping, and output as text
  • Auto Import continuously and automatically brings in existing files (including PDF) from "hot folders" and performs many of the same imaging functions as with scanned images
  • Ideal for MFP users: Auto Import Edition lets you import images from MFPs and other distributed sources with no scanner connection

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